Monday, June 27, 2016

Day 10: Jackson Hole, WY

We woke up to beautiful blue skies and 50 degree weather in Jackson Hole, WY this morning. After a leisurely morning where the crew was allowed to eat breakfast on their own we split up to start the journey in Snow King Mountain. About 20 of the group headed off on a hike up Snow King with Molly and Amber. It was rather strenuous and many thought they wouldn't make it, but after an hour and a half we reached the top!
(Shortly after starting the hike)
(Puppy loving on the trail!)
(Taking a water and rest break)
(The hiking group made it to the top)

Shortly after the hiking group surfaced at the top of the mountain we could see the others riding up on the chair lift. From the top, the students could see Jackson Hole in the valley surrounded by rolling hills, and the Snake River with the Grand Tetons rising in the background. 
(Reaching the top)
(Getting off the ski lift without skis is odd)
(Boys at the top!)
(Group photo with Jackson Hole and the Teton Mountains)

Everyone rode the chairlift back down to the bottom of the mountain where they went off in groups to explore Jackson Hole. A few students went shopping, some did laundry, and a small group even took time to do the Alpine Slide and Alpine Coaster. 
(Chair lift ride down)
(Alpine Coaster Riders)
(Carter and Rob ready to race on the alpine slide)

Dinner was as a group at the Jackson Hole Playhouse where the crew enjoyed dinner and a show. The Playhouse is styled as an old western restaurant, bar, and auditorium. While the wait staff served Chicken Parmigiana and rolls they entertained the group with a few songs.  I think some of the students were surprised when their waiters and waitresses started belting tunes!
(Ready for dinner)
(Hungry boys waiting for dinner)
(Inside the Playhouse)
(Dinner was delicious)

We left dinner to head out to the shootout on the square (also put on by the Jackson Hole Playhouse). The crew cheered for the good guys (and bad guys) while the shootout was going on. Shortly after the shootout ended we made our way back to the Playhouse for the The Ballad of Cat Ballou. This is a playhouse original western musical comedy. Once again the kids were surprised to see their servers from dinner on the stage or running up and down the aisles singing, dancing, and acting. The show had the audience laughing all night and even included some audience participation. After a long day the crew is ready for some rest so prepare for their adventures in Yellowstone tomorrow! 
(Waiting for the shoot out)
(Real guns with blanks were used during the performance)
(We had a front row seat for the pre show)
(Check the Jackson Hole Playhouse Facebook to see the selfie taken by the performers with some of our kids!) 

Disclaimer: service at the ranch can be spotty. There is wifi so many of the students will be reachable, but if an emergency arises in the next few days please call Ken Hayes or the ranch directly. Thank you! 

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