Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 13: 320 Guest Ranch, Montana

Today was our last full day at the Ranch and we certainly made the most of it. After eating a hearty breakfast, including some note worthy bacon, the crew divided into two groups for the day's activities. In the morning, half the crew went hiking through the Montana hills, while the other saddled up to ride horses.  

Before we got started, a few crew members received a lasso lesson. 

The horseback ride was led by the patient ranch hands at the 320 Guest Ranch and we thank them for taking good care us! The students were fit for helmets and were given brief instructions on how to ride and steer a horse. The ranch hands helped each student mount their horse and were told its name. Some of the horse names were pretty unique like Big Mac, Rocky, Tonto, Roni, Xander and Cash. The crew looked like naturals as they trotted away from the stables and headed for the trail! The ride lasted about two hours and everyone wobbled with soreness as they dismounted their horse.

Group 1 (morning ride)

Group 2 (afternoon ride)

After some tasty deli sandwiches and soup, the group had a little free time and then switched activities for the afternoon. The hiking group headed to the barn, and the horseback riders filled up their water bottles and hit the hiking trail. The hike was about 6 miles round trip to a high meadow called Cow Flats. Both groups hiked through green fields, over winding creeks, atop rocky paths, and passed local hikers along the way.

Group 1 (morning hike)

Group 2 (afternoon hike)

Upon returning to the ranch for the evening, some spent time playing pool, basketball, soccer and volleyball. Others did laundry, tested their fate with an Ouija Board or played Uno.

For dinner we ate mouthwatering homemade pizza and salad. The made-fresh food at the ranch will be hard to beat! We had a lot of clean platers and many who went back for seconds or thirds! 

After dinner, we enjoyed more outdoor summer activities and an early night to pack and prepare for another thrilling day tomorrow. We will continue our journey northwest and go whitewater rafting!

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