Saturday, July 2, 2016

Day 15: Polson, MT to Seattle, WA

Day 15 started with a spectacular sunrise view of Flathead Lake as we ate breakfast at the KwaTaqNuk in Polson, MT. The crew then loaded the bus made our way towards Seattle, WA. 

Along the way, we had a scenic drive through parts of Idaho and Washington and a quick lunch in Ellensburg. It was a long day of travel, with approximately 486 miles now under our belt. A shout out to Clarence for being the best bus driver we could ask for! The crew passed the time by sleeping, playing card games and watching Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2. The group is becoming champs at long bus rides. A three hour trip at home will now be a breeze!

Upon our arrival in Seattle, we visited the Experience Music Project Museum (EMP) which is right beside the Space Needle. This is a museum built to honor the evolution of music culture and art. The building is shaped much like a guitar and houses exhibits for Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, sci-fy, fantasy, and horror genres. 

(EMP Museum)

One of the most interesting exhibits at the EMP was the World of WearableArt (WOW). Today was its American debut, so we were very fortunate with our timing. WOW is New Zealand's largest art show that fuses art and fashion. The exhibit showcased 32 awe-inspiring, award-winning garments.

The EMP also has a studio where "bands" can record their own jam session. The GWT had at least five bands to perform including The Rolling GWT, Point Killmington and ECCT. Who knew we had so many talented musicians! 

(The Rolling GWT)

(Point Killmington)


After checking into our accommodation for the night, Hotel Deca, everyone dispersed for dinner and some free time. The hot dinner spots were EJ Burgers, MOD Pizza, Chipotle, and Small Batch Ice Cream. Yum! 

(Hotel Deca view)

It has been a quick change from mountain life to city life but I know the group is excited to be in such a vibrant place! Stay tuned for a full day of fun activities tomorrow in the Emerald City!

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