Sunday, July 10, 2016

Day 22: Disneyland

DISNEYLAND!!! The excitement could be felt through the whole group as they made their way to breakfast. Our morning provisions consisted of pastries, apples, and cranberry juice provided by the hotel. Soon after finishing eating we began the short walk to Disneyland. 


The first thing we did was a Disney Interactive Experience in groups. The experience is meant to encourage leadership and creativity among the group. A specially trained guide from Disney led the groups through team building activities and taught them some history of Walt Disney and how the whole concept of the animated films and park started. The kids participated well in the games and activities. However, the best part of the experience came in the last half when all of the groups got to walk straight on to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and Splash Mountain. Once this was done the kids got free time for the rest of the day into the night. They enjoyed all of the rides, more of Downtown Disney, and some even opted for a bit of time at the hotel pool to cool off midday. They wandered back to their rooms well worn out and ready for bed. All will sleep well today dreaming of Disney Magic!

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