Friday, July 8, 2016

Day 21: San Francisco to Anaheim, CA

The Grand Western Tour had a wonderful and eventful trip to San Francisco. From Alcatraz to the Golden Gate Bridge, the crew experienced so much of the city and left wanting more!

This morning we made our way to the next tour destination, Anaheim, California. Though everyone loved San Francisco, it was relieving to see the fog and clouds part ways as we drove off of the Bay Bridge onto the mainland. It didn't quite feel like summer in chilly San Francisco. 

The drive was a straight shot down Interstate 5 and wasn't long by distance, but we ran into a heap of traffic near Los Angeles. Students passed the time by catching up on sleep, chatting and playing cards. 

After lunch in Buttonwillow, California, the group enjoyed a cute family comedy with Eddy Murphy called "Daddy Day Care." The movie lasted just long enough to get us close to L.A. where the students got a real taste of local traffic during rush hour. 

Around 5 PM we arrived at the Anabella Hotel just outside Disneyland. The group enjoyed some free time before dinner in which they did laundry or went for a dip in the pool.

Tonight's dinner was held at Dave and Buster's, a huge restaurant with an impressive arcade. It is often described as an "adult Chucky Cheese". The grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli and rolls were a hit! 

After our tummies were full, the crew flooded the arcade room and played games like Guitar Hero, Skee Ball, Basketball, Pacman, and Horse Racing (to name a few). Some preferred to get an open table and enjoy some dessert. 

The group was proud to receive several compliments tonight from the wait staff at Dave and Buster's. They mentioned how polite and well behaved the group was during dinner. We love to get great feedback and I'm sure all of the parents are proud too! 

After driving back to the Anabella, the crew ended the night at Downtown Disney. They were so excited to have time to shop, get dessert and explore! 

We have a full day prepared for tomorrow at Disneyland and the group can't wait! 

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