Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 25: San Diego to Las Vegas

Day 25 of the Grand Western Tour began with a quick breakfast at the King's Inn Hotel in San Diego and we soon hopped on the bus to head towards Las Vegas. 

We had lunch near the California-Nevada border in Barstow, where students spread out to eat at different restaurants. Barstow was surprisingly busy for being out in the middle of the Mojave Desert! Many decided on In-And-Out Burger where they purchased some awesome t-shirts to add to their collection. Others enjoyed Panda Express, Panera, Fatburger or Chipotle. 

(Group at Panera)

(In-n-Out shirts)

Upon arriving in Las Vegas, some of the crew went for a swim at the pool to get relief from the 104 degree weather. We've been lucky with mild temperatures so far on the trip, but I can't say the next week will be the same! 

After the group cleaned up, we headed to the Miracle Mile Mall at Planet Hollywood. They spread out for dinner at various restaurants then reconvened to attend the V Ultimate Variety Show. The show was very entertaining with acts including the Skating Aratas, Iouri and Gabor Hand Balancing, the Aerialists, Turf the contortionist, and a prop comedian, Russ Merlin. The host for the evening was a performer from another Las Vegas show called Recycled Percussion. Overall, it was a great show with some interesting and unexpected performances. We witnessed some acts that we didn't know were humanly possible!

The night ended with a scenic drive down the Vegas strip. The students were extremely impressed by the extravagant  and showy buildings as we drove past the Bellagio, Ceaser's Palace, Harrah's and everything in between. 

Stay tuned as the Grand Western Tour takes on the Grand Canyon tomorrow!

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