Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Day 26: To Sedona, AZ

Another early morning found us loading the bus and heading to the Grand Canyon. It is quite the drive through flat lands rimmed by rolling hills. The terrain is mainly sand colored dirt spotted with wiry green bushes and the occasionally small tree. We drove into the national park to find little change in the world outside our bus windows. However, when we stepped off and walked a few feet we found ourselves directly overlooking one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The kids rushed to the railing where they could see across the canyon in every direction, and straight down 400 feet to the bottom. After some pictures we had s picnic lunch on the rim of the Grand Canyon then headed out for a hike. 

The hike brought us two miles along the edge of the Canyon. The trail was blacktop and a safe enough distance from the edge for the kids. We stopped at a few overlooks where more pictures were snapped. The hike ended at the Bright Angel Lodge where the students could buy ice cream to reward themselves for their hike, do some shopping, or sit and enjoy the scenery. My favorite quote of the day was "it looks like a giant painted backdrop!"

A tired group of Grand Western travelers boarded the bus to head the last few hours to Sedona, AZ. Sedona is a beautiful town settled among the brilliant red rock formations of Arizona. We arrived at the hotel and reconvened at the pool for a pizza/pool party as the sun was setting. Fun was had by all as they burned off the last of their energy from the day.

(The giant whirlpool they worked for 30 minutes to achieve)



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