Saturday, July 16, 2016

Day 29: Tucson to El Paso

It was another blazing hot morning in Tucson, but lucky enough, the crew got to sleep in and enjoy a few more hours at the luxurious Omni Tucson National Golf Resort and Spa. We loaded the bus around 9:30 and headed towards New Mexico then onward to Texas. 

Down the road a couple hours, we stopped for lunch in Wilcox, Arizona. Much of the group went to Pizza Hut, Carl's Jr.  or McDonald's. Around this time the temperature outside was a staggering 104 degrees! Luckily, Arizona does not have the humidity like North Carolina. We also have an awesome bus driver who always keeps the bus cool and comfortable for our arrival. Thanks Clarence!

(Lunch stop in Wilcox, AZ)

(Enjoying a cookie pizza from Pizza Hut)

Later in the day, we stopped at a rest area in Las Cruces, New Mexico, near the Texas border. It had a beautiful view of the city and surrounding hills. The group tried their best to seek shade from the blistering sun while simultaneously taking in the great scenery. 

As we approached El Paso, we could clearly see the US-Mexico border. The border is separated by the Rio Grande River and a rust colored metal fence. As we drove parallel to the city of Juarez, the students were amazed by the difference in infrastructure from one country to the next. It's amazing how two countries can be so close, but have very different cultures and architecture.

After checking in to the Quality Inn and Suites, the crew had a little free time to get dressed up for dinner. Tonight we ate at a delicious Mexican restaurant called Carlos and Mickey's. We chowed down on chips and spicy salsa for starters, then went through a buffet of beef tacos, cheese enchiladas, chicken flautas, rice and refried beans. The crew also enjoyed the authentic atmosphere and the background music of a live band.

For dessert, we were served sweet sopapillas covered in brown sugar and honey. We also sang a special Happy Birthday song to Amber!

Tomorrow we will continue traveling east through Texas and on to San Antonio. Stay tuned! 

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