Sunday, July 10, 2016

Day 23: Hollywood and Laguna Beach

After a long yet thrilling day in Disneyland yesterday, the group was happy to sleep in a little and take their time eating breakfast on the hotel veranda. We left the hotel around 9:30AM heading for Hollywood. Once we made it to Los Angeles, we took a stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The students admired stars like Andy Griffith, Ronald Reagan, Harrison Ford and Tim McGraw, just to name a few. Along the way, the crew saw the Chinese and Dolby Theaters which have been home to awards shows like the Academy Awards, ESPY Awards, Miss USA and finals for American Idol. 

We enjoyed lunch at the Original Farmers Market of Los Angeles. The students had an array of choices including Italian, Asian, Brazilian, French, and American cuisine. Dessert choices ranged from fresh fruit smoothies to homemade candy and ice cream. Without a doubt, there were enough options to please every appetite! 

After lunch at the farmers market, we made our way back to the hotel for a mid afternoon break. Some students did laundry, relaxed by the pool and got their beach gear ready for Laguna Beach. We arrived at the beach just in time for a chilly swim. It was surprising to see how many of the GWT were brave enough to face the brisk 73 degree water. They claimed it was quite refreshing! 

We had one very lucky swimmer that found a $100 bill within minutes of being in the ocean! What are the chances! 

Groups explored the Laguna Beach boardwalk area for dinner on their own. There were a lot of cute restaurants in the area including the crowd favorite, Johnny Rockets. It's hard to beat a classic hamburger and milkshake.

As the group gathered to head to the bus, the sun disappeared behind the palm trees and cliffs. I heard someone say as we left, "I think this was my favorite spot yet!" 

Soon after returning to the Annabella Hotel, the crew called it quits for the night. We have had a busy couple of days and tomorrow it continues at the San Diego Zoo! Good night! 

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